Julep Portia


Here is finally a post about Julep Portia! I got this color as a part of the Easter Mystery Box. I tried using this polish on other colors, but it was never impressive enough to show other. (I have searched for other combinations, but the blue glitters were ever noticeable. And when I put it over yellow, lavender, and purple polish, it changed the base color by making it appear blue-ish. (I think the clear part of Portia is tinted blue. As with black, it makes the black appear more like navy.)
Hey,I feel that Portia works with over black.

Here is one coat of Sephora Pantone Shale, and one coat of Portia. Portia is kind of concentrated, so a lot of glitter appeared – which is opposite of what I was hoping. Because there were a lot of glitter, my nails kind of looked like glitter on top of other glitter. The black part doesn’t paper as… black. Portia has blue, turquoise, orange, and green glitter of various size but these range of colors is not as obvious against some of the more colorful nail polish. ^^


I really wanted to try matte coat, and was curious how this would look matte… So here it is. I used Julep Matte Coat on this one. The matte coat makes the glitters appear less shiny, but also bigger. The glitters appear more as dots of colors. Very summery, I think!!



Mineral Fusion Pink Crush


Mineral Fusion was on my list of nail polish that I want to try. Their nail polish products are 5-free (not containing 5 chemicals considered bad) and they also have other beauty products. There isn’t that much reviews out there for this brand. But I wanted to try it still, because this brand is 5-free!

I came across four Mineral Fusion nail polish at Bartell. I wasn’t interested in the it the two green polishes, one sheer-looking gold, and this pink shimmery sheer. I decided to get the pink once because I don have many light pink.

These photos were taken under indoor light, and is of 3 coats. (I usually try to get photos under sunlight, but I removed these right away as I didn’t like it enough.) but here is one more online review for Mineral Fusion products!

This polish is very sheer, and very frosty, and I don’t do sheer nails. I might give it a go again with it over white polish perhaps, and not try Mineral Fusion for a while in the mean while.



Julie G Gumdrop Hot Cinnamon



I have a set of posts ready about Julie G polishes. ^^ Ready?

Julie G nail polishes are sold in Rite Aid stores. The Gumdrop series, of which Hot Cinnamon (below), is one, are the series that have been most widely promoted recently. I actually purchased this one at Bartell, which was carrying few of the gumdrop series for some reason. And hey, guess what, it’s $4!!! Wow!

I feel like it’s pretty similar to Zoya’s PixieDust and probably OPI Liquid Sand series. The most dominant color is cool red, with bits of gold and hot pink glitters. It doesn’t have any weird smell to it, and it puts on really easily. And it didn’t chip for the three days I had it on! I used to think that this kind of texture was off, and that I wouldn’t like it, but I do now. I think they advertised it well. It does really look like gum drops!

Below is how it looks with two coats, under shade, and under sunlight, respectively.




This polish is so fun to put on, and very affordable! I have three more Julie G polish coming up, but I’ll say for now that I have become a fan of this brand! 🙂

Julep Parker


Here is Julep Parker, which I got as a part of Julep Easter Mystery Box.

First picture was taken under shade, and the second photo under direct sunlight. This one puts on really easily, and two coats (as shown in the photo) was enough to fully cover my nails! For reference, I used OPI Natural Base Coat and Julep Freedom Top Coat.



What do you think? This orange is not neon, but it’s still bright enough that it ‘pops’, especially over tan skin tone. (Yay for good summer nail color!)

Zoya PixieDust Solange


I got to try Zoya for the first time at a friend’s nail party! Now I can say I see what the hype is about.

Solange is part of Zoya PixieDust series. This one is mostly straight up yellow glitter (really yellow!), which feels ‘textured’ and rough. In this example, I applied two coats of Essie Good to Go top coat, but it’s still kind of rough.

First one is under shade, and second one is under sunlight.



Okay, I might be making a Zoya purchase soon in the future!

China Glaze Luxe and Lush over Secret Periwinkle


Here’s a photo of how Luxe and Lush looks over a lighter color. The blue is China Glaze Secret Periwinkle that my friend Christine has. (Very pretty color, BTW!)

This one was taken outdoor, under shade. Second one, indoor, under office lights. 🙂

IMG_5050 IMG_5053

The ‘glitters’ appear in rose-gold tone, and someone commented that it looked like I had holes and cracks in my nail. I guess I can see that, too… So maybe I won’t try this combo from now on. Hahaha..

I also tried putting Luxe and Lush over a black nail polish, which does look different.