Sephora X Chaotic over Julep Melissa



I have done this combination but it’s my favorite combination and use of Sephora X Chaotic, and was very well received by my friends, I decided to do one more posting of it. (Sorry for my amateurish photos. )

I think this combination works well because Melissa is light in color, and Chaotic has more black glitters than white glitter. Melissa’s shiny, but not shimmery enough to overpower Chaotic’s cool effect.

I have not done a post only on Melissa, but Melissa has this green glow especially under intense lights. Chaotic is nice on top of other colors, but it’s more special over Melissa. I hope you see what I mean.


My Melissa is getting sticky, however. I do think that I will need to get a second bottle since I love this color.

One more photo of this duo… (From indoor setting under incandescent light)



Sephora X Chaotic and Julep Annie


I decided to go with Julep Annie to use with Sephora X Chaotic!

I feel that it reminds me of a track suit, or even a child’s pajama. It definitely looks more playful than elegant.

On a side note, Chaotic is pretty easy to remove. Usually, for glitter top coat, I need to use one cotton ball for each finger nail. But i had to use only 3 cotton balls to remove Chaotic and what was underneath. Woot!




Sephora X Chaotic swatch


I finally got Sephora X Chaotic! I knew it was a nail polish that I would regret if I never got it.. so I ended up buying it.

I did a quick Google search of the swatches for Chaotic so far. One wonderful part of this top coat is that it would work well with many nail polishes.

To decide which color to go with, I tried different combination on each finger. I am not sure if this still can be considered as swatch.





Here are the nails without Chaotic. Just for reference, on the left hand (with yellow polish) :
Thumb: Julep Hailee
Index: Julep Cindy
Middle: Julep Alma
Ring: Julep Sienna
Pinky: Sephora OPI Yellow My Name is Betsey

On my right:
Thumb: Julep Annie
Index: Sephora OPI Too Too Turq
Middle: Sephora OPI Skinny Jeans
Ring: Sephora x Pantone Tangerine Tango Creme
Pinky: Julep Ellen

Yup, I should expand out of Julep and Sephora.

Bold colors feel like splattered paint. I am not sure what the metallic colors ended up like.




Here is another swatch of Chaotic on top of Sephora OPI Let’s Hear It for the Spirit! I reminds me of … quail egg shells.


I will not ever use Chaotic on top of nude/skin-color ish nail polish ever again!!

I have one more example of Chaotic here, on Julep Melissa. Hmm, I feel that Melissa has been the best match so far. Here’s the image from it so you don’t have to click on the link!


I’ll do a swatch of just Melissa and Chaotic later for Chaotic Melissa!