Sephora X Chaotic over Julep Melissa



I have done this combination but it’s my favorite combination and use of Sephora X Chaotic, and was very well received by my friends, I decided to do one more posting of it. (Sorry for my amateurish photos. )

I think this combination works well because Melissa is light in color, and Chaotic has more black glitters than white glitter. Melissa’s shiny, but not shimmery enough to overpower Chaotic’s cool effect.

I have not done a post only on Melissa, but Melissa has this green glow especially under intense lights. Chaotic is nice on top of other colors, but it’s more special over Melissa. I hope you see what I mean.


My Melissa is getting sticky, however. I do think that I will need to get a second bottle since I love this color.

One more photo of this duo… (From indoor setting under incandescent light)



Sephora X Chaotic


20130112-111915.jpgI had to quickly stop by Sephora yesterday and BAM, Sephora had a section for new nail series called Sephora X. And Chaotic Top Coat stood out the most to me.

Here is the link to the nail polish. To describe it, this nail polish consists of clear polish, white specks of various size, black specks of various size, and black linear ‘specks’. I don’t know if I can post images from Sephora site directly, but it’s this one…



Since I was short on time, I just painted this over what I had on my nail already. But I can definitely see this top coat working amazingly with so many colors! I love that my nails look like abstract art now. Go Sephora!!! You are amazing!

Quick notes: Some of the ‘flakes’ are really big. This is a top coat, but in case the flakes are tipping out, or seem like they might come off, applying a clear top coat on top of it might be a good idea.

I have purchased so many nail polishes lately so I might not purchase Chaotic right away… but it’s so beautiful!!!!


Julep Melissa and Mila



These white-ish nail polish is Julep’s Melissa. The black full coverage glitter is also Julep’s, although I am not sure which one it is. (I received it without a label on it. But I suspect that it may be Mila, Hillary, or Chelsea.) I got these through one of the random gift packages from December.

Julep Melissa:

This is one of my favorite nail polish colors so far because it shines in a weird color! It’s super cool, but for some reason, people around don’t notice this color as much, and I rarely get complimented on this color. 😥

  • This photo doesn’t show it much, but any reflection on Melissa will come off as green. The part that are not reflecting light will come off as sheer white.
  • It does leave some streaks, which are only noticeable at close, so it doesn’t matter much!
  • TIP: The polish itself is very sheer, so I had to apply about 4 coats before I was satisfied.

Julep ???:

  • This polish is mostly black glitters, mixed in with silver and red glitters, of all which are of various size, held together by clear nail polish.
  • TIP: This one is supposed to be a full-cover glitter, so with 3+ coats, the polish should cover all of the nail. But it’s hard to get the edge painted cleanly (because it’s made out of glitter!) and glitters get chunky sometimes, especially with more layers. I suggest starting with one thin layer of any black nail polish. This should help make the nail look more ‘covered’ without putting too much polish on the nail. Here is an example.

If you know what the second polish is, please let me know. T_T