Julie G Crushed Candy Swatch


This is from really long time ago~

Here is Julie G Crushed Candy, with finish of rough gum-drop-like texture. (Hence the series name is Gumdrop.) It’s a mix of small and big glitters.

Here’s two coats of Crushed Candy! It’s quite beautiful and affordable. ($4!)20130610-155105.jpg



Julie G Dance in the Dark


Another Julie G nali polish review!

I stopped by a Rite Aid around work, and realized that this store carries more selection in additional to the Gumstop series. Dance in the Dark is one of the two Julie G polish that I picke up that day.

This is two coats of Royal Rebel. Jesse Girl site, which sells the Julie G nail polish, describe this nail polish as a deep blue polish. And yes, this blue is very deep, but very bright at the same time! And it’s so shiney at the same time! It puts on really easily, the olor is so bright that I would think that one coat could possibly be enough. But below is two coats.

Most important part – it’s only $4! I’ve had great experience with all Julie G polish that I tried so far. Check out my other reviews of Julie G proucts if you are curious!


This polish appears as really dark blue when there isn’t light, as you can see in the next photo. Still gorgeous!! 20130518-230045.jpg

And I decided to spice it up with the Sephora OPI It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat. I think it goes together pretty well. 🙂 The deep blue contrasts well with the yellow gold pieces. 🙂


I used OPI Natural Base Coat, and Essie Good To Go topcoat.

Julie G Gumdrop Hot Cinnamon



I have a set of posts ready about Julie G polishes. ^^ Ready?

Julie G nail polishes are sold in Rite Aid stores. The Gumdrop series, of which Hot Cinnamon (below), is one, are the series that have been most widely promoted recently. I actually purchased this one at Bartell, which was carrying few of the gumdrop series for some reason. And hey, guess what, it’s $4!!! Wow!

I feel like it’s pretty similar to Zoya’s PixieDust and probably OPI Liquid Sand series. The most dominant color is cool red, with bits of gold and hot pink glitters. It doesn’t have any weird smell to it, and it puts on really easily. And it didn’t chip for the three days I had it on! I used to think that this kind of texture was off, and that I wouldn’t like it, but I do now. I think they advertised it well. It does really look like gum drops!

Below is how it looks with two coats, under shade, and under sunlight, respectively.




This polish is so fun to put on, and very affordable! I have three more Julie G polish coming up, but I’ll say for now that I have become a fan of this brand! 🙂

Julie G Gumdrop Blueberry Fizz



Here is another nail polish from the Julie G Gumdrop series!

Blueberry Fizz is a periwinkle glitter polish, with bits of white-silver glitters. This is lil bit different than the Hot Cinnamon polish in that the latter doesn’t have additional glitters. I feel like the additional silver glitter looks like sugar powder, sitting on top of blue-colored gumdrops, and makes the nails appear more gumdrop-like!

Texture is similar to Zoya PixieDust series, and probably OPI Liquid Sand (which I still haven’t tried, so I don’t know!) This one is also really easy to put on, with good coverage. I didn’t use top coat with this baby, because I dig this texture! And it smells kind of sweet, instead of smelling like a nasty nail polish. And most importantly, it’s only $4!!

I actually purchased this one first at Safeway store, went back to get Hot Cinnamon because I was happy with it. Rite Aid stores also carry them, in addition to other Julie G nail polish outside of the Gumdrop series.

All of these photos were taken under a cloudy sunlight.





I am starting to become a big fan of Julie G. 🙂