Newsprint nail pattern


I read online that by wetting newspaper with acetone, one can transfer the ink from the newspaper to the nail! I was finished reading a newspaper, so I attempted this.

The steps I took:

  1. Applied first color coat. (This is Sephora Yellow My Name is Betsey BTW)
  2. Applied clear top coat
  3. Soaked newspaper with acetone
  4. Covered my nail with part of the newspaper that was wet with acetone, and made sure the newspaper was touching all of my nail by pressing the newspaper lightly
  5. After about 2 seconds, lifted up the newspaper

What I learned from first attempt, and many ‘duh’ points that were not clear to me at first:

  • Newspaper letters will be inverted, and not legible
  • It is easier to use the newspaper if it’s cut into pieces big enough for the nails
  • If newspaper is left on top of the nail for too short, the ink will not be transferred
  • If newspaper if left on top of the nail for too long, the paper breaks apart and tries to become part of your nail
  • Don’t move the wet newspaper piece after you first made contact with your nail
  • Dont’ reuse the same piece of newspaper – the ink is no longer there
  • Make sure that the letter directions are the same
  • Maybe newspapers with smaller letter might leave better ‘patterns”.




Getting the letter off the newspaper is easier than I thought it would be.

A while ago, I saw a kit that did exactly this – except it had rolls of writing, which were probably in the right reflection, so that the letters would not be inverted on the nail. I probably will never buy it because it seems odd to by a roll of writing just for this.