Julep Oxygen


Julep Oxygen is a nail treatment formula with pink tint. According to the back of the box, it’s made with anti-aging plant stem cell (fancy?) and protective UV filter.


That’s a pretty pink!

— Updated Section —


Here is with two coats of Oxygen. Don’t my nails look healthy?? Oxygen made my nails look a bit milky, like pastel except in shade of flesh color, and closer to what my nail color should actually be, instead of yellow. I like it a lot!

Below is with just one coat, and shows a better representation of my stained nails. Yup, two coat makes more sense.


I removed oxygen right after applying it last time because there were other colors that I wanted to try! But it has been a whole since I let my nails ‘rest’ so this will be the time it rests!

I applied one coat of Oxygen. The direction says apply Oxygen twice in a week. From my previous experience, (see below), I have learned that Oxygen takes a while to dry, so I need to be especially careful in applying thin coats of it.

As you can see, one coat is not enough to cover up yellow stain on nails. It makes the nails glossy, and I think little bit lighter.

I am starting to have a different thought on going bare nails because its supposed to be good for my nails! I appreciate that I can go ‘bare’ without revealing

Oxygen smells kind of funny, but not in an unpleasant way. It does feel more like a health product because of the smell, however, you know, like medicine that is supposed to be good for you but tastes horrible.

— End of Update —

So I put on one coat…


It made my nail very glossy but didn’t change much of my nail color.

So I tried putting on another coat…


And my nails turned more pink. It would be nice if this was how I was supposed to use Oxygen. Unfortunately, Oxygen is really soft, and even after drying my nails for a while, two coats of ‘Oxygen’ still doesn’t solidify.

I wish there were more blogs about Julep Oxygen so I can see what other people think about it and how they used it but I couldn’t find any yet…!

Sorry for the bad photo quality!! Maybe I should really invest in a DSLR camera like my dad is suggesting.


Julep Maven February Box



Ta-da! I received Julep Maven package today. This is actually only my third time ordering the box on the actual month. But wow, they do really pack much more than $20 worth. I personally would not get the Maven box each month because that’s a lot of nail polish colors… but I do feel that it’s a great deal for once-in-a-while! And I love how much love and care goes into these boxes! Check it out if you haven’t yet! And if you think you’ll sign up for it, if you sign up through this link, I get extra points called jules. *wink wink*


I’m signed up for Bombshell style profile, so I got Ginger (left), and Laura (right). February’s nail colors are all named after famous Hollywood actresses who have won an award! This is cool, and I now want to check out a movie that stars Ginger Rogers now. I will post later swatches of this.


Oxygen (nail treatment, on left), and Freedom (top coat, on right) came in the box, too. Actually, oxygen was the reason why I decided to get February’s box because I was looking for a nail treatment product. I am also looking very forward to Freedom, which is apparently like gel nail polish! (I know there’s a big hype about gel nails right now but I can’t imagine being stuck with the same nail color for more than a week…!) I’ll post reviews about that later, too. I will be trying Oxygen tonight! Yeah!


Now, there was this mysterious yellow pouch in the box, which was never mentioned in the emails or the site. I actually really love how there would be random goodies in the box. And it really feels like Julep cares about you!


And what’s inside? An eye-lash curler. What I noticed first was that it looks pretty similar to La Mercier Eyelash Curler that my sister really likes. I’m really curious how well it will perform, and I will have to start curling my eyelashes to find out!


One interesting thing to note – there is a replacement rubber part, for the curler, tucked away on the bottom of the curler. What a great idea!!


And lastly, they included two heart-shaped chocolates! I’m pretty sure that it’s because V-day’s coming up but how sweet of them!!! I think this might be the only chocolate I’ll be getting but awww! Thank you Julep! You guys are awesome!