Orly Elsbeth’s Rose



I got some nice nail polish from a Ross visit yesterday and got to try one last night.

This is Orly’s Elsbeth’s Rose. I feel like this could also be categorized as Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid. (Personally, I don’t really know how to deal with Pantone’s color winners… Emerald went out of fad really quickly last year!) Anyway, I used to own a Sephora OPI nail polish color this color, that I liked much, but had to throw away because it got too sticky, so I am happy!

I would also label this pink as Barbie Pink because it seems to be very similar to the pink used in Barbie boxes!

The photo is of base coat and two coats of Elsbeth’s Rose. I don’t think it shows up well in the photo but this polish has a pearly finish. The polish itself is pretty opaque, and one might have been good, but I used two. And as always, Orly brushes are always good, and like other Orly formulas, this one runs kind of runny, but at the same time, it’s astonishingly opaque.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


Orly Soul Mate


Here is Orly Soul Mate, one of my favorite red polish!

I only applied one coat here because I was planning to put a glitter top coat on top of it so I didn’t want thick polish for the color base. But still, one polish was enough for a good coverage!

It’s very easy to work with, and pretty thin but at the same time pretty opaque.


I was lucky in that I was able to buy this for only $3.50 at T.J.Maxx. (Yay!)


Orly Space Cadet Swatch


I want to introduce one more favorite from Orly! This is Space Cadet, duo-chrome nail polish that shines pink and olive shades. The photo below shows shows bits of the secondary shade, too, on the edge, and bottom of the polish bottle.  Actually, the actual polish appears darker than it does in the photo.

This is with base coat, two coats of Space Cadet, and top coat. This polish applies easily, and is mainly glitters, which means you can nudge the coat in case you mess it up! 20140101-201827.jpg

Orly Sparkling Garbage Swatch


I haven’t updated this blog for a long time, but I realized that nail blogs can be extremely helpful when one has to decide whether to buy a nail polish or not!

Let’s start with Orly’s Sparkling Garbage. I have seen pictures of this polish in Pinterest and always thought it was gorgeous. Few weeks ago, I visited T.J.Maxx and I couldn’t believe my eyes! This beauty and one another Orly nail polish were available as a duo set at the nails rack for $7!

Sparkling Garbage is lots of aqua green & silvery glitters with lots of holographic glitters. It does dry little bit bumpy, and I prefer when my nails look smooth and shine… so I applied a coat of top coat to even things out!


This one was, I think, taken in door. 20140101-202457.jpg

This is under sunlight (I think).20140101-202539.jpgI currently lent this to my cousin and haven’t gotten it back yet… But I hope I will get it back soon! Definitely one of the best purchase of 2013!