Julep Cindy Swatch 2


I already have a swatch post of Julep Cindy already. But photos I used for that post were taken under incandescent light, and was not clear.. They were bad photos. I was able to take better photos recently and wanted to share them.


This one is under shade, outdoor. As you can see, this nail polish GLOWS even when it’s not directly under the sunlight! This might not be what is in for this season but I still love it very very much!!


Here is a photo taken under cloudy light.


And one more photo of Julep Cindy, but indoor. And again, notice how it glows. And because the glitters are very fine, it ends up looking somewhat metallic.

This is three layers. Each layer is pretty sheer, but build up quickly.


Julep Cindy Swatch


I never thought I would like green nail polish but I like Julep’s Cindy!! And since I like it so much I thought I would share its swatch!
I think green nail color is still weird but Cindy shines so nicely~




The polish itself is kind of sheer, so I had to apply three coats to get a full, nice green shiny coat! I think it’s a mix of gold and green micro glitter, so it shimmers so nicely~~~ I love it!!

Each stroke is pretty thin, and because of that, it is hard to get a ‘clean edge’. But whatever.