Julep March Mystery Box


I have been waiting for a long time for the ‘Easter’ Mystery Box and I finally got it today! Okay, i am disappointed like many others who got the Easter mystery box.



Unlike the previous boxes I have gotten, this ‘open-top’ box came inside of a package box with tons of tissue paper around Otto ensure that nothing breaks. I am not sure how necessary this was since they bubble wrap each polish already, but the thought was nice?

This box included 4 nail polish, 3 chocolate eggs, 1 nail polish removal pad, 1 mascara, 1 nail filer(buffer) and 3 hair bands, I saw that someone’s box included 6+ colors so I assumed that mine will have similar numbers of polish. But after a quick research, I learned that most of the boxes contained 3-4 polish with exception of very small portion.


These are Camille, Portia, Claire, and Parker, from left from right.

The chocolates were crushed and deformed, and were white, and ashy, so I think they were old. Actually, it didn’t taste good, which is a bummer because the chocolates from February were quite okay. And this is my third mascara from Julep. I usually feel lots of love from Julep boxes but I don’t know about this one.

This is my second time getting a mystery box for myself, but I was expecting great things because my first mystery box had 6 nail polishes and a foot scrub, and mystery box costed only $20. It was so good and so generous so perhaps I was expecting too much. Below is a bad photo of some of content.


So in conclusion, I will be skipping April maven box. I wanted an bright blue, and I got it through this box, and I do think even $20 for nail polish every month is… I should be more thrifty and wise about my money.


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