Orly Space Cadet Swatch


I want to introduce one more favorite from Orly! This is Space Cadet, duo-chrome nail polish that shines pink and olive shades. The photo below shows shows bits of the secondary shade, too, on the edge, and bottom of the polish bottle.  Actually, the actual polish appears darker than it does in the photo.

This is with base coat, two coats of Space Cadet, and top coat. This polish applies easily, and is mainly glitters, which means you can nudge the coat in case you mess it up! 20140101-201827.jpg


China Glaze Luxe and Lush over Secret Periwinkle


Here’s a photo of how Luxe and Lush looks over a lighter color. The blue is China Glaze Secret Periwinkle that my friend Christine has. (Very pretty color, BTW!)

This one was taken outdoor, under shade. Second one, indoor, under office lights. 🙂

IMG_5050 IMG_5053

The ‘glitters’ appear in rose-gold tone, and someone commented that it looked like I had holes and cracks in my nail. I guess I can see that, too… So maybe I won’t try this combo from now on. Hahaha..

I also tried putting Luxe and Lush over a black nail polish, which does look different.