SpaRitual Kindness


I haven’t seen too many reviews of this particular polish, which means there needs to be more post about this polish!

I found this polish at a local Ross store in a two set for $6.99. I’m still in the process of getting to know this brand, and am not in love with the brand. But I love trying SpaRitual polishes when I get the chance because their formulas are vegan and the polishes are considered 3 Free (meaning it doesn’t contain no Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde). Additionally, it doesn’t contain formaldehyde resin.

SpaRitual Kindness

I used base coat, and only one coat of Kindness for this! Kindness is pumpkin orange, with generous bits of golden glitters. Yum! It’s a strong color, but not flashy, but gentle.

I am in love with this polish! I love how it’s sparkly, but also glossy at the same time. I think it would be a wonderful color for the summer or fall, and I think it definitely would be good for ladies who want colors that are more sophisticated and mature.


Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat All Yarned Up!


I received this as a present from the wonderful children’s ministry pastor at my church! I never thought I would have one of the ‘feathery’ effect one, but here it is!
The polish lies pretty flat. Below are photos of the polish by itself, three, four coats. It does give good coverage, but I still minded that the edges weren’t completely covered…


I searched for examples of how other people have used a Fuzzy Coat series. Most people used it has a top coat effect over another nail polish. So I tried using this with orange… (Two coat)


And here is over white polish, two coats.


I know the polish has ‘yarn’ in its name and this polish does remind me of a sweater I probably had a while ago. 😛

Additional note: it gets messy at the time of removal!!!!

Julep Portia


Here is finally a post about Julep Portia! I got this color as a part of the Easter Mystery Box. I tried using this polish on other colors, but it was never impressive enough to show other. (I have searched for other combinations, but the blue glitters were ever noticeable. And when I put it over yellow, lavender, and purple polish, it changed the base color by making it appear blue-ish. (I think the clear part of Portia is tinted blue. As with black, it makes the black appear more like navy.)
Hey,I feel that Portia works with over black.

Here is one coat of Sephora Pantone Shale, and one coat of Portia. Portia is kind of concentrated, so a lot of glitter appeared – which is opposite of what I was hoping. Because there were a lot of glitter, my nails kind of looked like glitter on top of other glitter. The black part doesn’t paper as… black. Portia has blue, turquoise, orange, and green glitter of various size but these range of colors is not as obvious against some of the more colorful nail polish. ^^


I really wanted to try matte coat, and was curious how this would look matte… So here it is. I used Julep Matte Coat on this one. The matte coat makes the glitters appear less shiny, but also bigger. The glitters appear more as dots of colors. Very summery, I think!!


China Glaze Luxe and Lush over Black


I wanted to get something like Essie’s Shine of Time nail polish. Unfortunately, that nail polish is not available for a reasonable price any longer… so I opted out for China Glaze Luxe and Lush. It’s different – the pieces are in “rougher” cut than Shine of Time according to what I could tell from other people’s swatch. It’s still cool, and it was definitely a steal for $5 (from Amazon! 🙂 ) And I am so glad I got this nail polish.

Here’s a closeup of the nail polish over Sephora Pantone Anthracite, a nice, solid black nail polish.

I took this photo under shade.


Over a black polish, this “special effects” nail polish reminds me of Korean black furnitures inlaid with oyster shells, like this one.

For details, I put on one coat of OPI Natural Base Coat, two coats of Anthracite, two coats of Luxe and Lush, finished with two coats of Essie Good to Go Top Coat. Luxe and Lush coat ended up being bit bumpy, so I put on an extra coat of top coat to make my nails smooth, and to ensure that pieces won’t fall from it.

Here’s how the nail appears under indoor light, under direct sunlight, and under shades.

IMG_5074 IMG_5066 IMG_5067 IMG_5065 IMG_5072 IMG_5073

The cool effects are most obvious on top of dark coat, but I’ll have a different post on how Luxe and Lush looks over lighter color polish later today. 🙂

Julep Stella



Julep Stella is a light orange creme polish. It’s very light that its almost at the same color intensity as a nude polish, but orange enough to be considered an orange color.

Above photo was taken outdoor. I applied Julep Freedom top coat over it.

By the way, I purchased more China Glaze nail polish. I have many Julep nail polish an be many blog posts on it but I am not really recommending it since Julep nail polish are expensive and small…

Julep Georgia swatch


This was one of the two colors I was planning to send my mom, and I wanted to try it before I sent it to her, so I did!

In the bottle, Georgia is bright orange with bits of yellow shimmer.

On a side note, I am consciously trying stop taking photos under incandescent light, which makes everything look yellow!



Here it is with two layers of Georgia! Georgia is almost a highlight orange – it is super bright, and I am thinking that it might be better as a summer color. The yellow shimmer doesn’t show up. It doesn’t show up here but it’s also has a salmon-ish tint, too.

I feel like Georgia would be a fantastic lip color for the summer but I am not sure about now…