Nail Deal Alert – Rite Aid



Hey guys, there is a deal going on at Rite Aid for nail products. I just learned about it when a nice lady working at Rite Aid let me know about it.

This deal ends on June 1st and I just got $10 credit on the Wellness Card. (So its not coupon.. But you still get some money back.)

I just did it and here is the proof…


Yeah, I kind of spend lots of money on nails.

There are actual coupons for nail polish at Rite Aid, according Hip2Save. Check it out!

And the stuff I got…


Hey friends in Seattle, I finally have a light pink that you have been asking for!


Sephora Indigo Blasted




Here is Sephora’s Indigo Blasted. I have only tried two ‘crackle’ nail polishes so far, but I know that this one is amazing for two reasons.

  1. This polish cracks really well – and separates well, too!
  2. It is currently only $3 at certain Sephora sale section.

In the above photo, the under coat is Julep’s Alma. I posted photo from another attempt using the Indigo Blasted polish. The under coat in the photo below is Sephora Torrid Shimmer, which is also currently $3 at Sephora!

  • Thinner layer will result in smaller ‘pieces’ of crackle. Thicker layer will result in bigger ‘pieces’ of crackle, but also wider space between the pieces. 
  • TIP: Make sure that the under coat is as smooth as possible. The crackle polish will have easier time ‘separating’ if it’s able to move easier on the surface. I found that putting a clear top coat over the under polish helps.
  • TIP: Make sure that the layer underneath is dried before applying the ‘blasted’ polish. If not, the layer underneath will move along with the ‘blasted’ polish, and display ‘naked’ gaps on your nail.