Ciate Velvet Manicure Blue Suede



My friend let me try Ciate Velvet Manicure Blue Suede. Woho! This entry will be about my experience with it.

Image taken from the Ciate website.

Inside the kit is a blue (actually, closer to navy) nail polish, blue (navy) crushed velvet powder, and a small brush.


This is my finished result! It’s hard to tell, but my fingers are really fuzzy like an actual velvet material. I think from the photo, my nails resemble a liquid-sand/gumdrop nail polish more.

This kit is pretty easy to use. I worked on top of a paper, and then poured back the dust back into the container. Things get REALLY messy really fast, so the brush is very useful. But I couldn’t get rid of all dust, so you will see some dust in the below pictures.

Can you see the velvet-y parts? The nails appear shiney because the polish is shiney, and the dust doesn’t cover everything. However, I am pretty doubtful how long the particles will stay on my nail!




20140105-210104.jpgThank you Lisa for letting me try this!


Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat All Yarned Up!


I received this as a present from the wonderful children’s ministry pastor at my church! I never thought I would have one of the ‘feathery’ effect one, but here it is!
The polish lies pretty flat. Below are photos of the polish by itself, three, four coats. It does give good coverage, but I still minded that the edges weren’t completely covered…


I searched for examples of how other people have used a Fuzzy Coat series. Most people used it has a top coat effect over another nail polish. So I tried using this with orange… (Two coat)


And here is over white polish, two coats.


I know the polish has ‘yarn’ in its name and this polish does remind me of a sweater I probably had a while ago. 😛

Additional note: it gets messy at the time of removal!!!!

Julie G Dance in the Dark


Another Julie G nali polish review!

I stopped by a Rite Aid around work, and realized that this store carries more selection in additional to the Gumstop series. Dance in the Dark is one of the two Julie G polish that I picke up that day.

This is two coats of Royal Rebel. Jesse Girl site, which sells the Julie G nail polish, describe this nail polish as a deep blue polish. And yes, this blue is very deep, but very bright at the same time! And it’s so shiney at the same time! It puts on really easily, the olor is so bright that I would think that one coat could possibly be enough. But below is two coats.

Most important part – it’s only $4! I’ve had great experience with all Julie G polish that I tried so far. Check out my other reviews of Julie G proucts if you are curious!


This polish appears as really dark blue when there isn’t light, as you can see in the next photo. Still gorgeous!! 20130518-230045.jpg

And I decided to spice it up with the Sephora OPI It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat. I think it goes together pretty well. 🙂 The deep blue contrasts well with the yellow gold pieces. 🙂


I used OPI Natural Base Coat, and Essie Good To Go topcoat.

China Glaze Luxe and Lush over Secret Periwinkle


Here’s a photo of how Luxe and Lush looks over a lighter color. The blue is China Glaze Secret Periwinkle that my friend Christine has. (Very pretty color, BTW!)

This one was taken outdoor, under shade. Second one, indoor, under office lights. 🙂

IMG_5050 IMG_5053

The ‘glitters’ appear in rose-gold tone, and someone commented that it looked like I had holes and cracks in my nail. I guess I can see that, too… So maybe I won’t try this combo from now on. Hahaha..

I also tried putting Luxe and Lush over a black nail polish, which does look different.

Sephora X Chaotic and Julep Annie


I decided to go with Julep Annie to use with Sephora X Chaotic!

I feel that it reminds me of a track suit, or even a child’s pajama. It definitely looks more playful than elegant.

On a side note, Chaotic is pretty easy to remove. Usually, for glitter top coat, I need to use one cotton ball for each finger nail. But i had to use only 3 cotton balls to remove Chaotic and what was underneath. Woot!




Ikat print nail




Ikat nails!!! This is actually from awhile ago, but I am so proud of this, and this was the most effort I have put on nail art.

The nail polishes:

  • Pink is Palm Beach pink from Sephora Bohemian Brights mini nail set. (It’s a wonderful shade of pink, but no longer available at Sephora )
  • Blue is Julep Annie.
  • White is random OPI white polish that’s sticky and old, but was good enough for this.
  • Black is Kiss Nail Art Paint. Its brush is thin, which made drawing the ‘outline’ easier.

I followed the tutorial from this YouTube video.

Although some of these polishes are not available anymore, I’m sure any nail polish will do as well. This may be a summer design, but who knows how other color combinations will work out? I really want to try ikat in a different color combination soon.

Few things I noted from this experience:

  • Having thin brush for the black helps a lot. **Nail polishes specifically for nail art have thin brushes. 
  • I liked that the pink is translucent, and this inspired an idea of trying  ‘watercolor’ effect nail art in the future
  • The white, and the base color, which in this case, was blue, has to be completely opaque!

Nails INC Magnetic Polish



This nail polish is Nails INC Magnetic Polish the Strand, star magnetic shape. Of course the magnetic reflection doesn’t show up in the photo, but this nail polish is very cool and has become one of my favorite!! (BTW – This nail polish was available for $5 from Sephora website on Black Friday, and I am happy that I got them.)

The steps I followed are:

  1. Apply thin layer of the nail polish
  2. Dry it
  3. Apply thick layer of nail polish
  4. Right after, place the magnet on top of nail
  5. Wiggle horizontally to make sure that as much of the sides are affected by the magnet
  6. Apply top coat to finish

Some observation I have made since then:

  • The star pattern is a bit different from other magnets in that it has a clearly defined center. If you don’t hold up the magnet at the correct position, your center will be off.
  • It’s difficult to make sure that the magnetic effect extends to the side-edge of the nails. Since this is a start/circular design, the edge becomes less relevant and less noticeable, so this is OK!