Fancy French Tip: Nail Art


I tried to imitate a nail art that I saw on Pinterest and had to try it.

The nail art from Pinterest!

I have seen some tutorials on how to create straight lines using nail tape. And the nail tapes that I ordered finally arrived! And also, I found a good sheer, nude nail polish.

Let’s go over the steps that I took to create this look.

I first painted my nail with two coats of SpaRitual In the Buff. (Will make entry on it separately later!)

Then I placed tapes on the middle of my nails, then painted the top half in the colors that I wanted.


Afterward, I used nail art brush and dotting tools to create patterns on the colored tip! 20140109-131206.jpg

I removed the tape afterward, and here’s the shocking part. 😦 The colors and glitters came off ot the tape and stayed on my nail. I didn’t want to risk fudging what I had so far, so I just applied top coat on top of it.

20140109-131211.jpgLesson learned: I need to find better nail tapes, or use actual tapes cut into thin strips! Also, I need to try layer colors in advance because lighter colors don’t appear as well on top of dark nail polish. But overall, this method is pretty easy!


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