Charme Sunset


I got this beauty as part of Charme Box from the Daily Charme shop in Etsy. Definitely check them out if you are interested in cool indie nail polish, and beautiful charms for reasonable price!

This nail polish is really dense, and is packed with lots of glitters. There are at least three types of glitters that I can identify, one of which is holographic hexagonal glitter. It truly looks like the content of a treasure box. 🙂


SpaRitual Kindness


I haven’t seen too many reviews of this particular polish, which means there needs to be more post about this polish!

I found this polish at a local Ross store in a two set for $6.99. I’m still in the process of getting to know this brand, and am not in love with the brand. But I love trying SpaRitual polishes when I get the chance because their formulas are vegan and the polishes are considered 3 Free (meaning it doesn’t contain no Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde). Additionally, it doesn’t contain formaldehyde resin.

SpaRitual Kindness

I used base coat, and only one coat of Kindness for this! Kindness is pumpkin orange, with generous bits of golden glitters. Yum! It’s a strong color, but not flashy, but gentle.

I am in love with this polish! I love how it’s sparkly, but also glossy at the same time. I think it would be a wonderful color for the summer or fall, and I think it definitely would be good for ladies who want colors that are more sophisticated and mature.

Orly Soul Mate


Here is Orly Soul Mate, one of my favorite red polish!

I only applied one coat here because I was planning to put a glitter top coat on top of it so I didn’t want thick polish for the color base. But still, one polish was enough for a good coverage!

It’s very easy to work with, and pretty thin but at the same time pretty opaque.


I was lucky in that I was able to buy this for only $3.50 at T.J.Maxx. (Yay!)


Julie G Crushed Candy Swatch


This is from really long time ago~

Here is Julie G Crushed Candy, with finish of rough gum-drop-like texture. (Hence the series name is Gumdrop.) It’s a mix of small and big glitters.

Here’s two coats of Crushed Candy! It’s quite beautiful and affordable. ($4!)20130610-155105.jpg


Butter London Fiddlesticks Swatch


The polish on my middle finger is OPI Serious Sparkle, and I will write a review on it later! But for this entry, I’m going to write about Fiddlesticks.

I think many girls know that London Butter make fantastic nail polish! I got this as a London Butter nail polish set deal from Zulily, gave some away as presents for friends, and kept some for myself. Not to sound selfish.. but I am glad that I kept this polish.

Fiddlesticks is a raspberry-glitter polish mixed with raspberry gel-polish. The finish texture is little bit rough, but can be modified with a good top coat.

Doesn’t this polish remind you of fruit preserve?

Anyway, below photo is of my nails with base coat, two coats of Fiddlesticks, and top coat. 20140101-211324.jpg

Butter London Gobsmacked Swatch


Butter London Gobsmacked seems similar to Butter London Fiddlesticks. It’s full of glitters, and has tid-rough finish for the texture.

I thought that this polish would be more black, but it’s actually dark-grey with lots of silver glitters (which appear white in the photo below). It’s a classy polish that’s not too goth, but fun and modern. I feel like it’s a really good color for the winter!

Here’s base coat, two coats of Gobsmacked, with top coat under natural sunlight! Excuse the poor condition of my cuticles…


Orly Space Cadet Swatch


I want to introduce one more favorite from Orly! This is Space Cadet, duo-chrome nail polish that shines pink and olive shades. The photo below shows shows bits of the secondary shade, too, on the edge, and bottom of the polish bottle.  Actually, the actual polish appears darker than it does in the photo.

This is with base coat, two coats of Space Cadet, and top coat. This polish applies easily, and is mainly glitters, which means you can nudge the coat in case you mess it up! 20140101-201827.jpg