China Glaze I’m not a Lion and Sephora Henna-thing is Possible with Real 18-k Gold Top Coat


Sephora Henna-Thing is Possible is one of my favorite nail polish. It’s not shimmery or glittery, but still very shiny! The color is close to wine color, but the highlight is pink, so it has a mysterious tone to it.

I used It’s real 18 gold top coat over it. And I used China Glaze I am Not a Lion on the ring finger for accent. I will have an entry for just Henna-thing is Possible and I am Not a Lion later!


I bought the top coat at $15, and I still think it was one of the best purchase I have made! I wish I can take a more close-up photo, but iPhone is not good at close-up…

Here are the nails over sunlight.


And here is a photo under shade.



Magenta with Bits of Gold, Sephora OPI Alley Cat and It’s Real 18k Gold Top Coat


I painted my nails again. This time I am pretty satisfied so I won’t redo it for at least a week!!

This is with two coats of Sephora OPI Alley Cat, which is a nice thin polish of fuchsia, and with Sephora OPI It’s Real 18k Gold on top.


On the hand above, I applied two coats of the gold top coat. And on the hand below, I applied one coat of the gold top coat. I regret painting two coats of the top coat on my left hand but I don’t want to remove gold speckles from my hand.


And here is picture with the nail polish bottle. I took the photo in-door, under a incandescent lamp and whereas I took the other ones while waiting for the bus. Sorry for the yellow photo!