Ciate Velvet Manicure Blue Suede



My friend let me try Ciate Velvet Manicure Blue Suede. Woho! This entry will be about my experience with it.

Image taken from the Ciate website.

Inside the kit is a blue (actually, closer to navy) nail polish, blue (navy) crushed velvet powder, and a small brush.


This is my finished result! It’s hard to tell, but my fingers are really fuzzy like an actual velvet material. I think from the photo, my nails resemble a liquid-sand/gumdrop nail polish more.

This kit is pretty easy to use. I worked on top of a paper, and then poured back the dust back into the container. Things get REALLY messy really fast, so the brush is very useful. But I couldn’t get rid of all dust, so you will see some dust in the below pictures.

Can you see the velvet-y parts? The nails appear shiney because the polish is shiney, and the dust doesn’t cover everything. However, I am pretty doubtful how long the particles will stay on my nail!




20140105-210104.jpgThank you Lisa for letting me try this!


Starrily Bzzz Bzzz over Orly Soul Mate


I found Starrily Bzzz Bzzz mini size in my December Ipsy.  Bzzz Bzzz is top coat with gold and black glitters in various sizes and shapes. It’s pretty easy to apply, but also hard to remove (since it’s a glitter polish).

The red that I used here is Orly Soul Mate. This color combination reminds me of art deco… or something classic! I think Bzzz Bzzz will also look great with grey or light blue (for turqoise-like effects).

I looked up Starrily polishes, and they seemed to have many glitter-mixed polishes. If you don’t know, I’m not a big fan of glitter polishes since they are so hard to remove… so I am not sure if I’ll be looking more into this brand, but this polish was still very pretty!



Julep Zelda


This is a long overdue review of Julep Zelda! Yes, the name of this polish is Zelda! It’s not Zelda Ocarina Time of Zelda, though. This polish was named after Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the Great Gatsby. I got this polish as a part of Julep’s May Maven box, which was flapper styled (I think because many beauty product companies expected The Great Gatsby movie to leave a great impact on the female viewers…)

This polish consist of silver shiney coat, and light copper ‘dye’ that colors the silver pieces. is very similar to Julep Sienna, but it feels cooler because of the silver base tone. And like Sienna, and Cindy, this Julep metallic nail polish puts on really well without leaving streaks. I think I remember Julep blog calling this color a pink gold polish. I guess I can see that but I still would label this color copper-ish silver polish.

First photo is under shade, and second one is under direct sunlight. All of them are with two coats of Zelda, and Essie Good to Go top coat!




And most of the time, the nail polish shines line this.. It’s very interesting!! And I like interesting polishes. 20130517-001640.jpg


Like I said, it puts on well. It’s a good nail polish, but I feel like it kind of overlaps with Julep Sienna. I should definitely try to use it more often though.

Julep Parker


Here is Julep Parker, which I got as a part of Julep Easter Mystery Box.

First picture was taken under shade, and the second photo under direct sunlight. This one puts on really easily, and two coats (as shown in the photo) was enough to fully cover my nails! For reference, I used OPI Natural Base Coat and Julep Freedom Top Coat.



What do you think? This orange is not neon, but it’s still bright enough that it ‘pops’, especially over tan skin tone. (Yay for good summer nail color!)

Zoya PixieDust Solange


I got to try Zoya for the first time at a friend’s nail party! Now I can say I see what the hype is about.

Solange is part of Zoya PixieDust series. This one is mostly straight up yellow glitter (really yellow!), which feels ‘textured’ and rough. In this example, I applied two coats of Essie Good to Go top coat, but it’s still kind of rough.

First one is under shade, and second one is under sunlight.



Okay, I might be making a Zoya purchase soon in the future!

China Glaze Running in Circles


Cheers to my first emerald color!

I purchased this nail polish for $5 on Amazon. Do you notice me expanding to other nail polish brands? ^^ I’m realizing I really like shiny, glittery nail polish. Running in Circles is a micro-glitter nail polish similar to Julep Cindy, except this one is a true-green. The base glitter is silver, not gold, so the glitter gives the polish a cool base, not warm, and doesn’t add extra color like Julep Cindy does (which is not bad, by the way). I am loving this nail polish because it seems so rich in color and literally glows!

This nail polish puts on super well. Here’s are photos of my nail with two coats of Running in Circles, finished with Essie Good to Go top coat, under shade, and under indoor light, respectively.

IMG_5032 IMG_5029

Julep Petra


OK I realized I have so many photos of nail polish swatch that I didn’t publish yet… so I am doing that now.

Petra is a wine-colored jelly nail polish with some glitters. Actually, I like this polish, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it won’t get sticky soon..