Butter London Bobby Dazzler


Butter London Bobby Dazzler

I receive this polish as a birthday present last year. It’s an awesome polish and very different from other polish that I have tried! The metallic bits in this polish is finer than other metallic polishes that I have used. If put on correctly, it will really look like a silver mirror (that doesn’t reflect anything back…) This is definitely the smoothest polish that I own. Thank you Carol!!!

When I use this polish, I have to make sure that I smoothed out my nails. Otherwise, all the dents and crease will show up because this polish is very fine and very smooth.

The color is goldish-silver (or white gold, if you will).


Butter London Fiddlesticks Swatch


The polish on my middle finger is OPI Serious Sparkle, and I will write a review on it later! But for this entry, I’m going to write about Fiddlesticks.

I think many girls know that London Butter make fantastic nail polish! I got this as a London Butter nail polish set deal from Zulily, gave some away as presents for friends, and kept some for myself. Not to sound selfish.. but I am glad that I kept this polish.

Fiddlesticks is a raspberry-glitter polish mixed with raspberry gel-polish. The finish texture is little bit rough, but can be modified with a good top coat.

Doesn’t this polish remind you of fruit preserve?

Anyway, below photo is of my nails with base coat, two coats of Fiddlesticks, and top coat. 20140101-211324.jpg

Butter London Gobsmacked Swatch


Butter London Gobsmacked seems similar to Butter London Fiddlesticks. It’s full of glitters, and has tid-rough finish for the texture.

I thought that this polish would be more black, but it’s actually dark-grey with lots of silver glitters (which appear white in the photo below). It’s a classy polish that’s not too goth, but fun and modern. I feel like it’s a really good color for the winter!

Here’s base coat, two coats of Gobsmacked, with top coat under natural sunlight! Excuse the poor condition of my cuticles…


Butter London Shambolic


I have wanted to try London Butter for a long time. And I found one at Nordstrom Rack, on sale for half off – yay!

This is Shambolic, a part of holiday series from 2012. This nail polish is largely lots of little purple and darker (grey or purple) with bits of small silver glitters. On top, there are mix of large hexagonal silver and purple glitters. Yeah, it’s pretty complex, and it’s hard to tell what is going on from kind of far away. Still, it’s a very gorgeous nail polish and I have not used glitter nail polish that were as complex as Shambolic.

The texture is bumpy in an unflattering way, just because this is lots of glitters, but it’s nothing that a good top coat can fix!

Am I going to try more Butter nail polish? Hopefully I will be able to find more ones that are on sale. ^^