Nail art: Christmas nail using dotting tools


This is an old post that might no longer be relevant (since Christmas has passed).

I recently ordered some dotting tools through Amazon… And I was feeling festive so I tried simple nail art! It’s supposed to be snow coming down. (Har Har)

Creating nail circles is definitely easier with dotting tools. I know there are some tutorials on how to make your own dotting tool. BUT did you know these tools are available for really cheap price online, too? This is the one I bought, and I am safely assuming that one dotting tool is not that much different from another dotting tool.

I will definitely attempt more nail arts when I have more time!

20140101-202345.jpgNail polish used: Julie G White Orchid for white, and Orly Torrid for red.



Ikat print nail




Ikat nails!!! This is actually from awhile ago, but I am so proud of this, and this was the most effort I have put on nail art.

The nail polishes:

  • Pink is Palm Beach pink from Sephora Bohemian Brights mini nail set. (It’s a wonderful shade of pink, but no longer available at Sephora )
  • Blue is Julep Annie.
  • White is random OPI white polish that’s sticky and old, but was good enough for this.
  • Black is Kiss Nail Art Paint. Its brush is thin, which made drawing the ‘outline’ easier.

I followed the tutorial from this YouTube video.

Although some of these polishes are not available anymore, I’m sure any nail polish will do as well. This may be a summer design, but who knows how other color combinations will work out? I really want to try ikat in a different color combination soon.

Few things I noted from this experience:

  • Having thin brush for the black helps a lot. **Nail polishes specifically for nail art have thin brushes. 
  • I liked that the pink is translucent, and this inspired an idea of trying  ‘watercolor’ effect nail art in the future
  • The white, and the base color, which in this case, was blue, has to be completely opaque!