Mineral Fusion Pink Crush


Mineral Fusion was on my list of nail polish that I want to try. Their nail polish products are 5-free (not containing 5 chemicals considered bad) and they also have other beauty products. There isn’t that much reviews out there for this brand. But I wanted to try it still, because this brand is 5-free!

I came across four Mineral Fusion nail polish at Bartell. I wasn’t interested in the it the two green polishes, one sheer-looking gold, and this pink shimmery sheer. I decided to get the pink once because I don have many light pink.

These photos were taken under indoor light, and is of 3 coats. (I usually try to get photos under sunlight, but I removed these right away as I didn’t like it enough.) but here is one more online review for Mineral Fusion products!

This polish is very sheer, and very frosty, and I don’t do sheer nails. I might give it a go again with it over white polish perhaps, and not try Mineral Fusion for a while in the mean while.




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