Butter London Bobby Dazzler


Butter London Bobby Dazzler

I receive this polish as a birthday present last year. It’s an awesome polish and very different from other polish that I have tried! The metallic bits in this polish is finer than other metallic polishes that I have used. If put on correctly, it will really look like a silver mirror (that doesn’t reflect anything back…) This is definitely the smoothest polish that I own. Thank you Carol!!!

When I use this polish, I have to make sure that I smoothed out my nails. Otherwise, all the dents and crease will show up because this polish is very fine and very smooth.

The color is goldish-silver (or white gold, if you will).


Zoya PixieDust Solange


I got to try Zoya for the first time at a friend’s nail party! Now I can say I see what the hype is about.

Solange is part of Zoya PixieDust series. This one is mostly straight up yellow glitter (really yellow!), which feels ‘textured’ and rough. In this example, I applied two coats of Essie Good to Go top coat, but it’s still kind of rough.

First one is under shade, and second one is under sunlight.



Okay, I might be making a Zoya purchase soon in the future!

China Glaze Running in Circles


Cheers to my first emerald color!

I purchased this nail polish for $5 on Amazon. Do you notice me expanding to other nail polish brands? ^^ I’m realizing I really like shiny, glittery nail polish. Running in Circles is a micro-glitter nail polish similar to Julep Cindy, except this one is a true-green. The base glitter is silver, not gold, so the glitter gives the polish a cool base, not warm, and doesn’t add extra color like Julep Cindy does (which is not bad, by the way). I am loving this nail polish because it seems so rich in color and literally glows!

This nail polish puts on super well. Here’s are photos of my nail with two coats of Running in Circles, finished with Essie Good to Go top coat, under shade, and under indoor light, respectively.

IMG_5032 IMG_5029

Julep Sienna


This was the first Julep nail polish that I got. ^^ Actually this is my second bottle that I got through Mystery Box back in December, so I didn’t intend to get a second bottle, but it happened, and I am so happy that I have a new one! (I used up almost all of the frat one, and what was left it super sticky, so I threw it away.)


This was taken outdoor under some sunlight.


Please ignore my no-so-pretty hand, but this was taken indoor.

This gold is not smooth-shiny but it’s more like paint that goes on wooden furnitures. Yay, entry about one of my most favorite polishes!

China Glaze I am Not a Lion swatch


Here is a review/swatch of I am not a lion from China Glaze!

I bought this from Amazon.com for $5 with free shipping. (I am amazed at the deals I can find on Internet!!)


These photos were taken under cloudy sunlight.


Now onto the review.

The color is wonderful!! It’s very pretty, very glittery. My favorite gold nail polish is still Julep Sienna, but this one is still very pretty. The gold is not too white or too yellow, but matches the Gold shade that comes to my mind when I think of gold color. Because the glitters are big in size, the surface felt rough. I was concerned that some of the glitter might fall off, but it held on well! I also appreciate that there is a lot of it – .5 ounce!

Onto durability….

The first China Glaze nail polish that I got started chipping like crazy on the third day. I remove this nail polish on the third day so I can’t give a comparison report of how easily this chips off. Actually, my friend put it on, too, but it started chipping on the next day for her…. And some of my friends commented that they love this color, and have tried it, but noted that it chips easily. So I am inclined to believe that China Glaze has chipping issues.

Julep Cindy Swatch 2


I already have a swatch post of Julep Cindy already. But photos I used for that post were taken under incandescent light, and was not clear.. They were bad photos. I was able to take better photos recently and wanted to share them.


This one is under shade, outdoor. As you can see, this nail polish GLOWS even when it’s not directly under the sunlight! This might not be what is in for this season but I still love it very very much!!


Here is a photo taken under cloudy light.


And one more photo of Julep Cindy, but indoor. And again, notice how it glows. And because the glitters are very fine, it ends up looking somewhat metallic.

This is three layers. Each layer is pretty sheer, but build up quickly.

Julep Cindy Swatch


I never thought I would like green nail polish but I like Julep’s Cindy!! And since I like it so much I thought I would share its swatch!
I think green nail color is still weird but Cindy shines so nicely~




The polish itself is kind of sheer, so I had to apply three coats to get a full, nice green shiny coat! I think it’s a mix of gold and green micro glitter, so it shimmers so nicely~~~ I love it!!

Each stroke is pretty thin, and because of that, it is hard to get a ‘clean edge’. But whatever.