Ikat print nail




Ikat nails!!! This is actually from awhile ago, but I am so proud of this, and this was the most effort I have put on nail art.

The nail polishes:

  • Pink is Palm Beach pink from Sephora Bohemian Brights mini nail set. (It’s a wonderful shade of pink, but no longer available at Sephora )
  • Blue is Julep Annie.
  • White is random OPI white polish that’s sticky and old, but was good enough for this.
  • Black is Kiss Nail Art Paint. Its brush is thin, which made drawing the ‘outline’ easier.

I followed the tutorial from this YouTube video.

Although some of these polishes are not available anymore, I’m sure any nail polish will do as well. This may be a summer design, but who knows how other color combinations will work out? I really want to try ikat in a different color combination soon.

Few things I noted from this experience:

  • Having thin brush for the black helps a lot. **Nail polishes specifically for nail art have thin brushes. 
  • I liked that the pink is translucent, and this inspired an idea of trying  ‘watercolor’ effect nail art in the future
  • The white, and the base color, which in this case, was blue, has to be completely opaque!