Julep Gabrielle Swatch


This is swatch of Julep Gabrielle! It’s a beautiful smoky mulberry creme polish! One coat is enough to cover all the nail, but I put two coats just in case. The formula is kind of gooey and thick – maybe because it’s been a while since this polish was made? But still a lovely color!!

Here are photos from different lightings.






Julep Donna Swatch



I got to try a Julep polish that my cousin had. Donna is a dark peacock green polish. My cousin also didn’t have a base coat, so I tried it on my bare nails (Eek!), and removed it later that night. This is a pretty dark color and I wasn’t wearing base coat, so I wasn’t surprised that it stained my nails a bit. The formula was pretty easy to work with, and one coat could be enough for opaque nails.

I am wearing one coat of Donna in the photo. Very pretty and very classy!

Julep Portia


Here is finally a post about Julep Portia! I got this color as a part of the Easter Mystery Box. I tried using this polish on other colors, but it was never impressive enough to show other. (I have searched for other combinations, but the blue glitters were ever noticeable. And when I put it over yellow, lavender, and purple polish, it changed the base color by making it appear blue-ish. (I think the clear part of Portia is tinted blue. As with black, it makes the black appear more like navy.)
Hey,I feel that Portia works with over black.

Here is one coat of Sephora Pantone Shale, and one coat of Portia. Portia is kind of concentrated, so a lot of glitter appeared – which is opposite of what I was hoping. Because there were a lot of glitter, my nails kind of looked like glitter on top of other glitter. The black part doesn’t paper as… black. Portia has blue, turquoise, orange, and green glitter of various size but these range of colors is not as obvious against some of the more colorful nail polish. ^^


I really wanted to try matte coat, and was curious how this would look matte… So here it is. I used Julep Matte Coat on this one. The matte coat makes the glitters appear less shiny, but also bigger. The glitters appear more as dots of colors. Very summery, I think!!


Julep Zelda


This is a long overdue review of Julep Zelda! Yes, the name of this polish is Zelda! It’s not Zelda Ocarina Time of Zelda, though. This polish was named after Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the Great Gatsby. I got this polish as a part of Julep’s May Maven box, which was flapper styled (I think because many beauty product companies expected The Great Gatsby movie to leave a great impact on the female viewers…)

This polish consist of silver shiney coat, and light copper ‘dye’ that colors the silver pieces. is very similar to Julep Sienna, but it feels cooler because of the silver base tone. And like Sienna, and Cindy, this Julep metallic nail polish puts on really well without leaving streaks. I think I remember Julep blog calling this color a pink gold polish. I guess I can see that but I still would label this color copper-ish silver polish.

First photo is under shade, and second one is under direct sunlight. All of them are with two coats of Zelda, and Essie Good to Go top coat!




And most of the time, the nail polish shines line this.. It’s very interesting!! And I like interesting polishes. 20130517-001640.jpg


Like I said, it puts on well. It’s a good nail polish, but I feel like it kind of overlaps with Julep Sienna. I should definitely try to use it more often though.

Julep Parker


Here is Julep Parker, which I got as a part of Julep Easter Mystery Box.

First picture was taken under shade, and the second photo under direct sunlight. This one puts on really easily, and two coats (as shown in the photo) was enough to fully cover my nails! For reference, I used OPI Natural Base Coat and Julep Freedom Top Coat.



What do you think? This orange is not neon, but it’s still bright enough that it ‘pops’, especially over tan skin tone. (Yay for good summer nail color!)

Julep Petra


OK I realized I have so many photos of nail polish swatch that I didn’t publish yet… so I am doing that now.

Petra is a wine-colored jelly nail polish with some glitters. Actually, I like this polish, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it won’t get sticky soon..


Julep Camille over Julep Renee


I would categorize this nail under princess-y.

My camera couldn’t capture all the ‘magic’ of Camille, so here’s me trying to show you the different angles…

IMG_4985 IMG_4986 IMG_4987

Under shade and under sunlight…

IMG_4997 IMG_4998

And here’s one indoor.


I already have a post for Renee, so I will only talk about Camille in this one.

Renee is a special effects nail polish with silver glitter that can emit a wide range of colors depending on the angle and the type of lights. This is my first time using, and I might try to experiment with other nail polish (if there wasn’t so little of it to begin with, Julep nail polish being Julep nail polish). This was the ‘Easter’ nail polish in Julep’s Easter mystery box. I’m curious how others have used this… I’m still trying to decide if I like this nail polish or not.