China Glaze I am Not a Lion swatch


Here is a review/swatch of I am not a lion from China Glaze!

I bought this from for $5 with free shipping. (I am amazed at the deals I can find on Internet!!)


These photos were taken under cloudy sunlight.


Now onto the review.

The color is wonderful!! It’s very pretty, very glittery. My favorite gold nail polish is still Julep Sienna, but this one is still very pretty. The gold is not too white or too yellow, but matches the Gold shade that comes to my mind when I think of gold color. Because the glitters are big in size, the surface felt rough. I was concerned that some of the glitter might fall off, but it held on well! I also appreciate that there is a lot of it – .5 ounce!

Onto durability….

The first China Glaze nail polish that I got started chipping like crazy on the third day. I remove this nail polish on the third day so I can’t give a comparison report of how easily this chips off. Actually, my friend put it on, too, but it started chipping on the next day for her…. And some of my friends commented that they love this color, and have tried it, but noted that it chips easily. So I am inclined to believe that China Glaze has chipping issues.


2 thoughts on “China Glaze I am Not a Lion swatch

  1. This is one of my top ten fave polishes ever! I don’t wear polish for more than a day usually so I can’t usually attest to wear time. But in this case, I think the chipping is due to the dense glitter and not something I’ve experienced with China Glaze in general. Great pics!

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