Julep Stella



Julep Stella is a light orange creme polish. It’s very light that its almost at the same color intensity as a nude polish, but orange enough to be considered an orange color.

Above photo was taken outdoor. I applied Julep Freedom top coat over it.

By the way, I purchased more China Glaze nail polish. I have many Julep nail polish an be many blog posts on it but I am not really recommending it since Julep nail polish are expensive and small…


Julep Cindy Swatch 2


I already have a swatch post of Julep Cindy already. But photos I used for that post were taken under incandescent light, and was not clear.. They were bad photos. I was able to take better photos recently and wanted to share them.


This one is under shade, outdoor. As you can see, this nail polish GLOWS even when it’s not directly under the sunlight! This might not be what is in for this season but I still love it very very much!!


Here is a photo taken under cloudy light.


And one more photo of Julep Cindy, but indoor. And again, notice how it glows. And because the glitters are very fine, it ends up looking somewhat metallic.

This is three layers. Each layer is pretty sheer, but build up quickly.

Julep Minnie


One of the colors I got from the March Julep Maven Box is Minnie, a pastel salmon, pink color. The big theme for Julep for March was pastel color and playfulness. And so here is a pink nail polish that is slightly pastel.


As with other photos, these photos are taken outdoor, under cloudy or sunny natural light, with no filter. Julep Minnie was finished with Julep fast drying top coat!

Do you see the pinkish hue in the bottle? There are actually a number of Julep nail polishes with a slight ‘tinted’ hue that doesn’t really show up on the nail. It would be cool if there was additional cool effect, but I don’t know if there is a different between colors with these ‘tinted’ hue, and ones without them.


I like the color. But I feel like all the Julep nail polish I have been getting recently comes out thick, and so the nails take longer to dry. I will be trying China Glaze so I will be able to compare Julep with other nail polishes. I am also thinking of investing in buying a formula that is supposed to ‘loosen’ the nail polish (as my friend Lisa informed me).


This nail polish is hard to remove. It might be because I put on thick coat, but it was as hard to remove as glitter nail polish. Interesting?

Review of Julep’s Rock Star Hand Creme


I got Julep March’s maven Box unintentionally, but might as well try the product and write reviews for it, right? The box came with two nail polish colors, a lip balm, and hand lotion.


This is a review about just the lotion. I didn’t get to try the nail polish colors and the lip balm yet! (I am terribly late in trying the nail colors. I put on Laura, from February box last week.) but there will be reviews about those later.


And here is the box and the lotion.


The lotion smells nice! It kind of gives a Victoria Secret lotion feel, but nicer. My hand feels nice, too, with this lotion on. It doesn’t feel great (like they claim) but I am not sure how fast the lotion absorbs into my skin. Some of the ingredients are Shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E and other ingredients.

Now, I do find myself comparing this lotion to Lush’s Creme Anglaise, which I am currently using. It might not be a fair comparison since the other lotion is more than double the price. But Rock Star is a okay lotion by itself.

One thing Julep marked especially is the turn-click ‘cap’ that isn’t a cap but dispenser(?) where the lotion comes out.


The idea is interesting. I think they wanted to use something that will make the act of squeezing lotion less messy. It took a while to figure out how to actually use it. It’s not bad, and it’s interesting, but I don’t think it’s an actual improvement from how other lotion bottles are…

Julep Renee Swatch



My company was doing a Julep giveaway for Valentine’s day. After I mentioned that I wish I could have entered the giveaway, too, a co-worker gave me an awesome present of three Julep nail polishes! And Renee is the first one out of the three that I tried out. Thank you Bonnie!!

I usually don’t dig purple color that much. But I absolutely love this color Renee is a pastel purple color and I feel that it compliments my Asian, somewhat tan skin well. And I also want to note that this color looks good on short nail!

I don’t know what the trend for spring nail color is, but I am going to wear this color often this spring and summer!


All of these photos were taken outdoor, under somewhat sunny sky.

Sephora X Chaotic over Julep Melissa



I have done this combination but it’s my favorite combination and use of Sephora X Chaotic, and was very well received by my friends, I decided to do one more posting of it. (Sorry for my amateurish photos. )

I think this combination works well because Melissa is light in color, and Chaotic has more black glitters than white glitter. Melissa’s shiny, but not shimmery enough to overpower Chaotic’s cool effect.

I have not done a post only on Melissa, but Melissa has this green glow especially under intense lights. Chaotic is nice on top of other colors, but it’s more special over Melissa. I hope you see what I mean.


My Melissa is getting sticky, however. I do think that I will need to get a second bottle since I love this color.

One more photo of this duo… (From indoor setting under incandescent light)


Julep Ginger Swatch


I got Ginger through Julep’s February Maven Box and I finally got to try it.


Ginger is a sandy, holographic nail polish. I have been wanting a holographic nail polish for a while. I was kind doubtful if it would be really holographic. I haven’t tried any other holographic nail polish, or seen it in real life, so I can’t give a comparison. This nail polish is champaign-colored micro glitter shimmer when not under bright light. But you can see a light ‘rainbow’ under intense light. It doesn’t get as intensive as some of the holographic nail polish I have seen on the web, but I am very content with this pretty nail polish!

Here is an example under fluorescent light.


And here is an example under cloudy light.


And here is a photo under intense fluorescent light.


All of these photos have not been edited and is close to how it appears under different lightings!

Yup, I need to practice taking nail photos and posing for nail photos.