Starrily Bzzz Bzzz over Orly Soul Mate


I found Starrily Bzzz Bzzz mini size in my December Ipsy.  Bzzz Bzzz is top coat with gold and black glitters in various sizes and shapes. It’s pretty easy to apply, but also hard to remove (since it’s a glitter polish).

The red that I used here is Orly Soul Mate. This color combination reminds me of art deco… or something classic! I think Bzzz Bzzz will also look great with grey or light blue (for turqoise-like effects).

I looked up Starrily polishes, and they seemed to have many glitter-mixed polishes. If you don’t know, I’m not a big fan of glitter polishes since they are so hard to remove… so I am not sure if I’ll be looking more into this brand, but this polish was still very pretty!




Julep Gabrielle Swatch


This is swatch of Julep Gabrielle! It’s a beautiful smoky mulberry creme polish! One coat is enough to cover all the nail, but I put two coats just in case. The formula is kind of gooey and thick – maybe because it’s been a while since this polish was made? But still a lovely color!!

Here are photos from different lightings.





OPI I Like Boys-enberries



Here is another gem I found at T.J.Maxx! (I love you T.J.Maxx!) I would attempt to describe OPI I Like Boysenberry as raspberry jelly with really bits of micro glitter, but not as dark as Julep Petra. I feel like the formula is somewhat similar OPI Austin-tatious Turqoise. It’s thin, and probably one coat is not enough for a full coverage, but two is definitely enough.

This polish is easy to work with and very pretty! In the photo, I used base coat, two coats of the polish, and top coat.

Julep Donna Swatch



I got to try a Julep polish that my cousin had. Donna is a dark peacock green polish. My cousin also didn’t have a base coat, so I tried it on my bare nails (Eek!), and removed it later that night. This is a pretty dark color and I wasn’t wearing base coat, so I wasn’t surprised that it stained my nails a bit. The formula was pretty easy to work with, and one coat could be enough for opaque nails.

I am wearing one coat of Donna in the photo. Very pretty and very classy!

Where to purchase nail polish for steal price


I wanted to share few tips on where you might be able to find nail polish for a lower price. Maybe you know these things already… But in case you don’t, and who doesn’t want to buy nail polish at a lower price?


Discount stores like T.J.Maxx, and Ross sell nail polish that you might not find in stores or even online for beautiful price. I have found sets of Color Club, Revlon at Ross usually around 50% of what the retail price was. My favorite store for nail polish has been T.J.Maxx, which carries random, mostly out of season nail polish for amazing prices! I have so far found Orly, China Glaze, OPI, Sephora OPI (which has been discontinued) for around $3~4 dollars each. Buying from these stores beats even online stores because I don’t have to pay for shipping – just gas! I have not visited Kohl yet, but since it’s a sister store of T.J.Maxx, I’m betting that they will have similar, or just as good selection of nail polish for a nice price.

Rite Aid, Bartell, Target: These stores sometimes have sales. I have noticed that these sales also are inconsistent through the same franchise. So randomly checkout those stores next to your work & home! You might find a brand you like for a really low price! (I have found Revlon for as little as $1.35, Pixi nail polish for $4 at Target – woohoo!)

Recent purchase from Target20140101-222218.jpg

Online: Many sellers offer China Glaze and OPI nail polish for as little as $5 (the lowest price I have seen, after including shipping fee). If you know which polish you want to get, and don’t mind waiting several more days, try searching here!

And I have also seen Zulily sell set of Butter London nail polish for around $5/bottle one time, and Overstock setting 5 OPI nail polish for $25, but not often enough for me to frequently check these sites.

Happy nail polish shopping!!

Julie G Crushed Candy Swatch


This is from really long time ago~

Here is Julie G Crushed Candy, with finish of rough gum-drop-like texture. (Hence the series name is Gumdrop.) It’s a mix of small and big glitters.

Here’s two coats of Crushed Candy! It’s quite beautiful and affordable. ($4!)20130610-155105.jpg


Nail art: Christmas nail using dotting tools


This is an old post that might no longer be relevant (since Christmas has passed).

I recently ordered some dotting tools through Amazon… And I was feeling festive so I tried simple nail art! It’s supposed to be snow coming down. (Har Har)

Creating nail circles is definitely easier with dotting tools. I know there are some tutorials on how to make your own dotting tool. BUT did you know these tools are available for really cheap price online, too? This is the one I bought, and I am safely assuming that one dotting tool is not that much different from another dotting tool.

I will definitely attempt more nail arts when I have more time!

20140101-202345.jpgNail polish used: Julie G White Orchid for white, and Orly Torrid for red.