Where to purchase nail polish for steal price


I wanted to share few tips on where you might be able to find nail polish for a lower price. Maybe you know these things already… But in case you don’t, and who doesn’t want to buy nail polish at a lower price?


Discount stores like T.J.Maxx, and Ross sell nail polish that you might not find in stores or even online for beautiful price. I have found sets of Color Club, Revlon at Ross usually around 50% of what the retail price was. My favorite store for nail polish has been T.J.Maxx, which carries random, mostly out of season nail polish for amazing prices! I have so far found Orly, China Glaze, OPI, Sephora OPI (which has been discontinued) for around $3~4 dollars each. Buying from these stores beats even online stores because I don’t have to pay for shipping – just gas! I have not visited Kohl yet, but since it’s a sister store of T.J.Maxx, I’m betting that they will have similar, or just as good selection of nail polish for a nice price.

Rite Aid, Bartell, Target: These stores sometimes have sales. I have noticed that these sales also are inconsistent through the same franchise. So randomly checkout those stores next to your work & home! You might find a brand you like for a really low price! (I have found Revlon for as little as $1.35, Pixi nail polish for $4 at Target – woohoo!)

Recent purchase from Target20140101-222218.jpg


Amazon.com: Many sellers offer China Glaze and OPI nail polish for as little as $5 (the lowest price I have seen, after including shipping fee). If you know which polish you want to get, and don’t mind waiting several more days, try searching here!

And I have also seen Zulily sell set of Butter London nail polish for around $5/bottle one time, and Overstock setting 5 OPI nail polish for $25, but not often enough for me to frequently check these sites.

Happy nail polish shopping!!


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