Two site-related updates!


More reviews are coming up! But in the mean while, I changed the blog layout, and created a Facebook fanpage for this blog!

Blog layout change: I wish I could make this blog look more ‘professional’ and ‘fun’. There are so many beautiful, and very functional nail blogs out there. Perhaps some day it shall be like that. In the mean while, I’m want the background image to not appear not overscaled, but I don’t know how to fix that without paying WordPress so I can customize the layout. Maybe on a different day….

On that note, I need to figure out what shape and size work for the photos in this current layout. Things will look funky, but probably will stay that way.

Facebook Fanpage: I know the big nail blogs have a Facebook fanpage. I’ve been putting out notices to my personal wall to let my friends know that I have a new entry. But this way, I don’t have to flood the feed of my friends who have absolutely zero interest in nails. ^^

And with these two changes, I will be trying to put out more content – maybe write about blogs that impressed me, or interesting products coming out soon!


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