Julep Camille over Julep Renee


I would categorize this nail under princess-y.

My camera couldn’t capture all the ‘magic’ of Camille, so here’s me trying to show you the different angles…

IMG_4985 IMG_4986 IMG_4987

Under shade and under sunlight…

IMG_4997 IMG_4998

And here’s one indoor.


I already have a post for Renee, so I will only talk about Camille in this one.

Renee is a special effects nail polish with silver glitter that can emit a wide range of colors depending on the angle and the type of lights. This is my first time using, and I might try to experiment with other nail polish (if there wasn’t so little of it to begin with, Julep nail polish being Julep nail polish). This was the ‘Easter’ nail polish in Julep’s Easter mystery box. I’m curious how others have used this… I’m still trying to decide if I like this nail polish or not.



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