Dior Red Royalty



This is Dior Red Royalty. I don’t own this color. Actually, I got this for my aunt as her birthday present, but I try to use it every time I go over to her house. 🙂 This polish was so amazing that I had to make a post about it.

Dior Nail polish is beyond my nail budget for sure! (It costs $24, which is cheaper than Chanel nail polish… but still!! Wow!!) But hey, this is photos is with one coat – ONE COAT! It puts on so well, and I just learned last week that Dior is one of the nail polishes that are 5-free. It doesn’t has bad chemicals, and it puts on so well. Wow. I guess it is worth the price!


20130405-192605.jpgThese are all taken in-door under incandescent light. I wanted to take a photo under sunlight, but I messed it up while putting top coat on it.. I’ll try posting better photos of this nail polish the next time I get to put this on. ^^



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