China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Swatch


I am trying to branch out to other nail polish brands. The first of the two China Glaze polish that I ordered came yesterday, and I finally got to try it.


The color is exactly what I wanted! And I also love that this dries fast. But it is too thin!! And it’s hard to put on evenly. This is like four or five thick coats. They look really good from far away, not just from close by though.



It might be hard to tell because of all these photos are taken with my phone camera, but there are streaks of yellow of different levels of opacity.

I like this nail polish. I just wish I could have love it. Perhaps this is why trying nail polish before purchasing is a good idea? (I got this one online, but reading reviews was just not enough, I guess.)

A coworker noted that this nail polish looks kind of matte – and I think he is right! Since the color is super bright, however, I think matte would work better than creme and clear.


A significant portion of the nail polish was chipped off on the third day. This might have been maybe because I put on 5 layers, or because I didn’t put top coat. I haven’t had nail chip on me before so I will take note and remember that this polish might be prone to chipping!


2 thoughts on “China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Swatch

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