Julep Minnie


One of the colors I got from the March Julep Maven Box is Minnie, a pastel salmon, pink color. The big theme for Julep for March was pastel color and playfulness. And so here is a pink nail polish that is slightly pastel.


As with other photos, these photos are taken outdoor, under cloudy or sunny natural light, with no filter. Julep Minnie was finished with Julep fast drying top coat!

Do you see the pinkish hue in the bottle? There are actually a number of Julep nail polishes with a slight ‘tinted’ hue that doesn’t really show up on the nail. It would be cool if there was additional cool effect, but I don’t know if there is a different between colors with these ‘tinted’ hue, and ones without them.


I like the color. But I feel like all the Julep nail polish I have been getting recently comes out thick, and so the nails take longer to dry. I will be trying China Glaze so I will be able to compare Julep with other nail polishes. I am also thinking of investing in buying a formula that is supposed to ‘loosen’ the nail polish (as my friend Lisa informed me).


This nail polish is hard to remove. It might be because I put on thick coat, but it was as hard to remove as glitter nail polish. Interesting?


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