Julep Glitter Pot + How I tried to use glitters


I purchased a set from Julep in December, and they included Glitter Pot in the package. I never used glitter as glitters, but I also couldn’t find a good tutorial, or with good example of how glitters can be use. And tutorials should make you want to try things! I couldn’t find a tutorial that made me want to try glitters. And below is a photo of my nails from when I tried to use the glitters in December.



Why am I posting something from December in January? I found a good tutorial with good example on using glitters! Skip to the end if you are mainly curious about that.

The base color, by the way, is Julep Hailee.

I tried leaving droplets of clear top on my nail, then dipping my nail in the pot. After realizing that there is no way I can get all of my nail to come in contact with glitter, I resorted to just decorating the tip.

When I was doing this, I used a clear top that takes at least more than 30 seconds to dry. I painted the tip of my nails horizontally, and dipped only that part in the nail. I did get enough glitters on the tip. The next problem was making sure that glitter STAYED on my nail.

I applied two coats of Julep Matte Top Coat.

OK, now to the part where I complain about using glitters, and why I am hoping that this tutorial will be better:

  • Glitters get everywhere! I tried this on a A4 piece of paper, and planned to put the leftover glitters back in the pot after I was done. But that didn’t work that well, especially because I was trying two glitters on the same piece of paper.
  • When I was putting on the top coat, the glitters got on the top coat, too! I have some red glitters in the top coat bottle. 😦
  • Glitters still come off of your nail even after top coat and while you are putting on top coat, which explains why you see specs of red on the grey part.
  • Because glitters were coming off, I was worried about what if glitters got into my eyes, and this, that happening. I couldn’t appreciate my nails when I was thinking they were health hazard!
  • Glitter part felt really rough even with two coats of top coat…

Here is a tutorial that looks really good! I will try it next time I paint my nails and post the result.

Before, I was hesitant about mixing it in with a top coat. I still am, and I am going to avoid pouring the glitters in a clear coat polish – but I might try to wash clean a polish brush from a nail polish that’s old and sticky, get a drop of clear top coat, and mix the glitter and the clear polish to make a glittery-clear coat (for one time use).

I know, it sounds simple. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.

Happy nail painting!

BTW, I started to put this blog’s URL on the images that I’m posting! I’m also posting to Tumblr and Pinterest now~!


2 thoughts on “Julep Glitter Pot + How I tried to use glitters

  1. I think the look turned out cute! The glitter pots look like they would be messy to use though.

    – KW

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