Nails INC Magnetic Polish



This nail polish is Nails INC Magnetic Polish the Strand, star magnetic shape. Of course the magnetic reflection doesn’t show up in the photo, but this nail polish is very cool and has become one of my favorite!! (BTW – This nail polish was available for $5 from Sephora website on Black Friday, and I am happy that I got them.)

The steps I followed are:

  1. Apply thin layer of the nail polish
  2. Dry it
  3. Apply thick layer of nail polish
  4. Right after, place the magnet on top of nail
  5. Wiggle horizontally to make sure that as much of the sides are affected by the magnet
  6. Apply top coat to finish

Some observation I have made since then:

  • The star pattern is a bit different from other magnets in that it has a clearly defined center. If you don’t hold up the magnet at the correct position, your center will be off.
  • It’s difficult to make sure that the magnetic effect extends to the side-edge of the nails. Since this is a start/circular design, the edge becomes less relevant and less noticeable, so this is OK!



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